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About Faithful America

Sick of sitting by quietly while Jesus' message of good news is hijacked to serve a hateful right-wing political agenda, Faithful America's more than 200,000 members raise our collective voices through rapid-response campaigns that put faith into action for social justice.

These grassroots campaigns have consistently made headlines and won real victories -- whether persuading MSNBC to stop inviting the hate-mongering Family Research Council to represent the Christian point of view, getting Google to stop supporting the evangelical charity World Vision because of its anti-gay discrimination, or helping force the resignation of a Catholic school president who fired a beloved gay staff member.

Leadership transition

Faithful America’s director since 2012, Michael Sherrard, has decided to transition away from a full-time leadership role over the next several months (while remaining in an advisory or board of directors capacity) and so the program is seeking new leadership.

In this moment of political and theological crisis for American Christianity, there is an exciting opportunity to re-engage the Faithful America community and rediscover how it can be a powerful tool in confronting emergent threats to the church’s prophetic vocation, especially white nationalism and misogyny.

Role & responsibilities

Leading Faithful America means putting faith into action to counter the religious right and reclaim Christianity as a force for social justice. You will be at the center of the biggest conversations about faith and public life in America, scanning the horizon for new opportunities for Christians to speak out, communicating what is at stake, and mobilizing tens of thousands to raise their voices.

Depending on the finalists' experience, skills, and interest, this role could be structured either as an executive director tasked with building out an independent organization or as a program director tasked with integrating Faithful America’s online community and campaigning mission into an existing organization.

In the near term, specific responsibilities are likely to include:

  • Research and identify potential campaigns by monitoring news and consulting with allied organizations.
  • Draft persuasive emails that effectively motivate our members to take action and make donations.
  • Use web tools to set up and launch campaigns -- email blasts, petition pages, social media sharing, etc.
  • Work with allies and/or communications consultants to develop earned-media strategies.
  • Recruit and train members to organize and lead petition deliveries and other offline events.
  • Interact with members on a regular basis (e.g., provide baseline support, respond to member questions and issues, and handle requests for information).
  • Identify and build relationships with potential funders and institutional partners to ensure organizational growth and vitality.
  • Act as spokesperson for the community in public or semi-public settings when necessary
  • (Organizational management and administrative responsibilities will depend upon joint decisions about organizational independence, fiscal sponsorship, etc.)


  • You're passionate about defeating the religious right and organizing Christians to work for social and economic justice.
  • You can produce powerful, compelling, and brief pieces of writing on a few hours' notice.
  • You deeply understand and appreciate the culture and mindset of Christian communities (both protestant and Roman Catholic).
  • You thrive on short deadlines, and can juggle multiple projects at once without handholding.
  • You're not afraid to learn and use new online tools.

While not required, we’ll be particularly excited about candidates who additionally have:

  • Experience in a digital campaigning/online organizing role.
  • Fundraising and finance experience.
  • Experience recruiting, hiring, or supervising staff.
  • Experience working for a startup (nonprofit or otherwise).
  • Experience in writing, communications, or media relations.
  • Professional, personal, or educational experience working closely with faith communities.
  • Experience with HTML/CSS, online advocacy platforms (ActionKit, Salsa, Blue State Digital, NationBuilder, etc.), or SQL databases.

Location: We’re open to candidates located anywhere in the U.S. and prepared to work virtually.

Compensation, benefits, and hours are all subject to negotiation.

How to apply:

Please use the form below. Instead of writing a traditional cover letter, please answer these two questions:

  1. Briefly describe your experience working with faith communities and your motivation for organizing Christians to put their faith into action for social justice. (75-200 words suggested)
  2. Politicians, journalists, and other elites often speak and act as if American Christians are all white evangelicals who uniformly support President Trump at every turn. Faithful America members are mostly Christians who reject President Trump's policies and rhetoric. Suggest at least one specific initiative or campaign for organizing our members that would undermine this misimpression. Note that we are NOT asking which public policy issues you believe are most important; please think creatively about concrete ways our members could act together. (75-200 words suggested.)

Equal opportunity: We’re fighting for a church and a world that affirms the dignity of every person and doesn’t use religion as as a pretext for discrimination. As an employer, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis protected under law.